YouTuber MrBeast Rejected the Offer to Join Titanic Sub Trip

Three days before the terrible implosion of a Titan submersible, which killed five people,

YouTuber MrBeast announced on Twitter that he had declined an invitation to ride in a submarine to inspect the remains of the Titanic.

The information was released on June 25 by MrBeast, whose actual name is Jimmy Donaldson,

who said it was "kind of scary" to think he could have been on the submersible.

MrBeast uploaded a screenshot of a text message inviting him to join the Titanic submarine excursion,

but he did not say who offered the invitation.

After announcing the end of their search and rescue mission on June 25,

the United States Coast Guard said that a Marine Board of Investigation would be launched to determine what went wrong with the Titan submersible.

MrBeast's confession follows that of billionaire Jay Bloom and Nigerian politician Ned Nwoko,

all of whom have gone public with their regret at having turned down invites to join the Titanic submarine voyage.

Jay Bloom expressed satisfaction at not traveling and sympathy for those who did,

citing worries about the availability of supplies and safety precautions.

Ned Nwoko said that his business colleague, the British tycoon Hamish Harding,

who was killed in the attack, had invited him.

Due to the catastrophe, questions have been raised concerning the security of future submarine missions to the Titanic wreck.

Neither Mr.Beast nor OceanGate Expeditions have spoken further on the invitation and his subsequent refusal of it.

A Marine Board of Investigation has been constituted to look into what went wrong with the submersible.