Which Mutant Can Prove Deadly and Kill Iron Man?

According to Marvel, the only mutant capable of taking down Iron Man and his lethal technology is called Magik.

With Tony Stark's resources at their disposal,

the anti-mutant extremist group Orchis has amassed an army of "Stark Sentinels."

One unexpected mutant, Illyana Rasputina (Magik), stands between these lethal monsters and the X-Men.

As the Sorceress Supreme of the Limbo Dimension and leader of the New Mutants,

Magik is an extremely potent X-Man.

The Stark Sentinels, Orchis' elite military force,

twist Iron Man's technology to develop defenses against diverse threats and even to vanquish formidable mutants like Synch.

Only Magik, with her exceptional magical skills,

can compete with Iron Man's advanced machinery.

Tony's sense of order is disrupted,

and he is forced to think outside his scope and comprehension,

for while the Stark Sentinel was meant to withstand basic mutant assaults and powers,

it was not designed to handle magic.