The Flash Box Office Performance Might Cancel Keaton's Batman Beyond

The fate of a Batman Beyond film starring Michael Keaton would likely depend on the financial performance of The Flash.

The uncertain future of Batman Beyond is a direct result of the termination of the Batgirl movie and

other Batman appearances as a result of the Warner Bros. Discovery merger.

Kevin Smith revealed a conversation he had with Michael Uslan's son at the premiere of The Flash on the Fatman Beyond podcast.

According to Smith, Batman Beyond's approval was contingent on how well The Flash performed on its first weekend in theaters.

Later, on Instagram, however, Uslan dispelled the accusations.

It's possible that Batman Beyond wasn't given serious consideration because

of The Flash's poor performance compared to The Batman's box office results.

Support from fans and the open universe notion introduced in The Flash are essential to the character's future.

If the Flash movie does well, Keaton may be cast in a Batman Beyond film,

which Tim Burton may helm.