Scientists in Japan Have Come up With a Drug to Grow your tooth Back

The USAG-1 treatment under development in Japan is an experimental tooth-growing medication that

blocks the interaction of a protein in the tooth.

The group hopes to have their product available to the public by the end of the decade,

and they aim to start conducting small-scale human trials next year.

Osaka's Medical Research Institute Kitano Hospital has found a medication to counteract the effects of USAG-1,

a protein known to slow tooth development.

The team's work with mice and ferrets was published in 2021,

and they expect to begin human trials in July 2024. With any luck,

the medicine will be approved by the FDA in 2030 to treat anodontia in youngsters.

The group thinks that improved versions could help more individuals by allowing them to regrow a

third set of teeth after losing the first two to decay, gum disease, or injury.