Marvel Studios Shoots Down Drone to Prevent Leak

Fans flew drones over the Secret Invasion sets to find and disclose plot details during filming.

Actor Samuel L. Jackson, who plays Nick Fury, said that they ran into this problem.

The production crew took immediate action to stop the drone interference by shooting down one of the drones.

They also identified the origin of another drone and captured its pilot.

During her casting process, Emilia Clarke, who plays G'iah in Secret Invasion,

had a "terrifying" video conference with Marvel's security staff.

At first, she was afraid to give any details for fear of reprisal.

Eventually, though, Clarke said she was able to relax about it,

drawing an analogy between the scenario and her anxiety about spoilers for Game of Thrones.

She stressed that she had never intentionally revealed any plot details to anyone.

These occurrences serve as a reminder of the lengths to which Marvel Studios goes to keep their films under wraps and

avoid spoilers from being leaked ahead of time.