Jennifer Lawrence Gets Candid About "Mother"

Jennifer Lawrence offers a surprising explanation for the plot of Mother,

suggesting that she may not have grasped its complexities upon first viewing Darren Aronofsky's film.

The Best Actor Oscar winner has proven himself capable of comedy and

drama in films as diverse as The Poker House, Like Crazy, and Winter's Bone.

The Hunger Games and the X-Men are just two of the many popular film series she has contributed to.

No Hard Feelings, Lawrence's most recent film, is a scatological comedy in which she excels.

Her career has had its share of bumps, though, and in 2017,

she starred in the divisive film Mother!, for which she received mixed reviews.

Many people found the novel confusing because of all the metaphors,

and it's possible that even Lawrence himself didn't grasp them all.