Jennifer Lawrence Clarifies Hunger Games Kissing Rumors with Liam Hemsworth

Jennifer Lawrence sets the record straight on eating tuna before kissing Liam Hemsworth in Hunger Games.

Jennifer denies intentionally eating tuna or garlic before kissing scenes.

Liam Hemsworth previously shared that Jennifer would eat disgusting foods before their kissing scenes.

Jennifer jokingly tells Liam to "get over it" on a YouTube series.

Liam helped Jennifer gain confidence during the filming of the Hunger Games series.

Jennifer credits Liam for teaching her to stand up for herself and be fair.

Liam is described as good-looking, wonderful, lovable, family-oriented, sweet and hilarious Jennifer.

Jennifer admits that she never expected to have such a good-looking man as her best friend.

The revelation about eating tuna before kissing scenes adds a humorous aspect to their friendship.