Jeffrey Carlson, "All My Children" actor, Passes Away at 48

Jeffrey Carlson, who was in the show All My Children, died at the age of 48.

Carlson, who played a groundbreaking transgender character on the show,

joined the group in 2006 as British rock star Zarf and changed her name to Zoe.

He was the first transgender person to play a role on a daytime TV show.

Carlson was in more than 50 episodes of the show and the movie "Hitch."

He was also a star on Broadway and in shows by the Shakespeare Theatre Company.

On CBS News, his family and a person who spoke for him confirmed the news.

Carlson's sister, Elizabeth Carlson Gingras,

talked about how much she loved her brother and how many lives he changed.

No one knows what caused the death.