Is Brock Lesnar Making a Surprise Appearance on WWE Money In The Bank?

Following his victory over Cody Rhodes at WWE Night of Champions,

Brock Lesnar is expected to make an appearance at WWE Money In The Bank this coming Saturday.

According to the social media page, Lesnar will be in London to continue his plot with "American Nightmare."

The anticipated appearance might set up Lesnar and Rhodes for a third battle at SummerSlam, perhaps a gimmick contest.

A bull rope match, an unusual stipulation in professional wrestling,

is planned for the bout.

Since their feud began after WrestleMania,

both Lesnar and Rhodes have only been victorious once,

and Rhodes has been challenging Lesnar to a third match ever since.

The "American Nightmare" will be facing up against Dominik Mysterio at Money in the Bank.