How to find student loan information before payments Start Again

Borrowers of student loans should get ready to resume making payments once interest begins accruing again.

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the repayment of student loans was suspended in March 2020.

Given the lengthy delay and possible changes in loan servicers,

it may be difficult for millions of debtors to resume debt repayment.

The Department of Education reports that beginning in October,

borrowers will be responsible for making monthly payments on their outstanding student loans plus accrued interest.

The agency will notify the borrowers in advance of the resumption of payments.

The majority of borrowers will need to confirm their registration in auto-debit before payments can resume.

If you are looking for information about federal student loans,

the Education Department's website is a great place to start.

To check account balances, locate loan servicers, and gain access to loan and grant information, the website provides a chat feature with a virtual assistant.

Account information for student loans can be located via correspondence with the loan provider (email, letter, or website).

The Federal Student Aid website and the Federal Student Aid helpline both have contact details for loan servicers.