Hollywood News Desk - Actress and model Pamela Anderson was horrified when a crazed fan barged into her home. Not only this, that fan somehow entered Pamela Anderson's house.

The limit was reached when Pamela slept on the bed of the actress wearing the same bikini as she wore in the 'Baywatch' series.

In addition, he hid many things under Pamela Anderson's bed in the house and also cut her hand with glass. A report quoted Pamela Anderson as saying that her female stalker was named Christine Roth. He was 27 years old.

She put on Pamela's 'Baywatch' bikini and went to the bedroom and fell asleep. It is known that Pamela Anderson became famous in the 90s by playing the role of CJ Parker in 'Baywatch'. This series was also a super hit.

Narrating the whole incident, Pamela Anderson said, 'My mother was in the hospital and my father was coming to town, so I was preparing a room for him. Then someone came and said, 'Pamela, someone is sleeping in your bed.

I was thinking that maybe my brother's wife i.e. my sister-in-law or maybe someone has come inside from the back door. We went into the room and saw a woman in a red bathing suit. She spoke French and had brown hair.

She gave me a letter, in which it was written that she wanted to touch me and that's why she came there. 'I had a lot of clothes under his bed. Pamela told that the woman had cut her hand with glass. 

Many things were missing from the actress's house, which were found under her bed. And there the woman used to hide. According to Pamela, the woman said that she had been hiding there for several days and that she had slit her wrists.

Pamela got scared after hearing this and came out of the room with the children. Later Pamela Anderson called the police and got the woman out of there and sent her to France, she came from there.