Harvard Professor Might have Found Alien Technology

In 2014, a meteorite crashed into the ocean off the coast of Papua New Guinea,

and Harvard professor Avi Loeb found alien technology within it.

The United States Space Command determined with 99.999 percent accuracy that the meteorite came from another solar system.

Fifty tiny metallic marbles, each less than a millimeter in diameter, were discovered by Loeb and his crew.

The spherules weren't quite the size of marbles, but they were still made up of

84% iron, 8% silicon, 4% magnesium, and 2% titanium.

This finding has the potential to pave the way for other important discoveries and

aid future expeditions in locating any large pieces of the meteor.

Given that it takes thousands of years for us to travel across the great reaches of space,

this discovery could potentially assist scientists locate any large portion of the meteor that survived the hit.