German shepherd rescued from summit of Mt. Hope

Bailey, a German shepherd weighing 100 pounds,

was saved by Chaffee County Search and Rescue North (CCSAR-N) on July 6 from the peak of Mt. Hope in Colorado.

Near the peak, at around 13,600 feet, the rescue crew was notified of a dog in need.

Because Bailey was too weak to continue,

his owner took the risky decision to go down without him.

Members of the CCSAR-N team tracked Bailey down using cell phone pings.

Bailey was carried down the mountain in a dog sling by two teams of eight hikers.

They were greeted by a second group that helped them transport the litter.

Almost 12 hours after reaching the peak,

Bailey was reunited with his owner.

CCSAR-N advised pet owners to prepare ahead of time for their pets' needs in the event of an emergency.

CCSAR-N is a group of volunteers who assist the local sheriff's office whenever they are called upon to do so.