Gal Gadot's Spy Thriller 'Heart of Stone' Trailer Revealed

The new trailer for the Gal Gadot spy thriller Heart of Stone has been released by Netflix.

In the preview, we see Rachel Stone, a secret spy for MI-6 who is struggling with the demands of her job.

The trailer for the film shows neon-lit parachuting, snowmobile stunts, automobile chases,

and high-speed motorcycle escapes, alluding to the havoc that may ensue when worlds merge.

According to the preview,

Heart of Stone may be the first installment in a new spy film series that will compete with Mission: Impossible and 007.

The film is not based on any literature or other sources,

despite its grandiose premise, action, and filming locations in numerous countries.

Gadot fans will be pleased to know that she will be rescuing humanity once again in this film.

James Gunn and Peter Safran, the new heads of DC, have said that Gadot was not kicked out of the DC world,

but they have not yet explained how Wonder Woman will integrate into the film.