Fans Are Praying For Paige Spiranac Against Stalker Threat

Golf influencer Paige Spiranac has taken legal action against an alleged stalker by filing a restraining order.

Spiranac, who has made public appearances,

is worried about Mr. Fuhs' deluded notion that he has been speaking with her,

and she is afraid to divulge her location to admirers.

She is worried that Mr. Fuhs will keep trying to see her,

especially on business trips to the Los Angeles area, unless a restraining order is issued.

In addition to the restraining order, Olivia Wilde has also served the man with one.

Millions of Spiranac's admirers have spoken out in favor of him, 

but they also believe that everyone has the right to feel safe.

Since the sufferer earns her money through golf and public appearances,

some of her admirers blame her. As Spiranac faces this terrifying circumstance,

we will continue to pray for her and hope that nothing worse happens.