Witcher Game Actor Gets Support from Fans As he Is Diagnosed with Cancer

Video game actor Doug Cockle has received support from The Witcher fandom following his announcement that he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Geralt of Rivia actor Alan Cockle, who has appeared in all three Witcher games and several cameos,

said that he had undergone a "random check" for the condition and that therapy is continuing but promising.

The gaming community has expressed their well-wishes for Cockle's speedy recovery on social media,

with tweets and comments posted on Reddit and Twitter (including one from the official Witcher account).

Many others have commented positively on the actor's openness,

echoing his encouragement to get checked out and promote awareness.

The fate of Cockle's character in the Witcher series is out in the air,

even though his acting career has continued after the events of Witcher 3.