Elvis Presley’s Stepbrother Apologizes for “Derogatory” Allegations

David Stanley, Elvis Presley's half-brother,

has publicly apologized for his offensive remarks made in an episode of Elvis' Women.

Stanley issued a public apology for his comments on the singer's death on social media.

Stanley suggested in the documentary that Elvis killed himself because he felt bad about having sexual encounters with children.

Stanley apologized for his remarks and told Presley and his family how much he loved them.

According to Stanley's documentary,

Presley "just couldn't carry on" after he was caught fraternizing with children and

was afraid of being publicly shamed.

He also said that he had planned Presley's death,

saying that he had taken the drugs that ultimately proved fatal with great forethought.

In 1977, at the age of 42,

Presley passed away at his Graceland mansion from what was reportedly a heart attack.