Wonder Woman's daughter revealed

Taking to Twitter, DC Comics writer Tom King revealed the name, superhero identity and design of Wonder Woman's daughter Lizzie.

Trinity reminded me of both her mother, Diana, and Cassie Sandmark's Wonder Girl.

She sports three lassos, a golden Lasso of Truth worn by Wonder Woman, a silver Lasso of Persuasion worn by Donna Troy,

and third a black lasso that bears no resemblance to any existing object in DC continuity.

According to IGN, fans will get a chance to meet Trinity from Tom King and Daniel Sampere in June's Wonder Woman #800.

The team will debut a new Wonder Woman series in September as part of DC's Dawn, with the story telling what fans can expect.

Also, instead of taking out Bruce and Damian Wayne and giving Wonder Woman a baby, the stories about Trinity will be set 20 years in the future.