Bodybuilding influencer Jo Lindner Dies Unfortunately at 30

Influential bodybuilding blogger Jo Lindner, aka "Joesthetics,"

was found dead at age 30 from an aneurysm.

The German fitness instructor, who goes by the name "Joesthetics,"

garnered an enormous 8.9 million Instagram followers by documenting his diet, exercise, and competition preparation.

His fiancée Nicha wrote an emotional eulogy for the bodybuilder,

remembering him as gentle, powerful, devoted, diligent, and a "believer in everyone."

Bodybuilder and friend Noel Deyzel captioned a photo of the two of them together with the words "May you rest in peace."

His mother was "so proud" of Lindner, as he put it.

In his last online journal entry, he discussed how, after a year away from weightlifting, 0.

he decided to undergo testosterone replacement therapy.

He cautioned his supporters to be mindful of the possible side effects of testosterone replacement medication and

that it could have an impact on his life in the long run.