Beloved Titanic Actor Lew Palter Dies at 94

Lew Palter, known for his role as Isidor Straus in Titanic, passes away at 94.

He died from lung cancer, confirmed by his family.

In addition to acting, Palter was a respected teacher at CalArts School of Theater.

His students remember him for changing their lives and fostering a love for acting.

Palter's portrayal of Isidor Straus gained attention due to an eerie connection to the OceanGate tragedy.

Debris from the submersible was found, and OceanGate concluded that the passengers were lost.

Isidor and Ida Straus' story was depicted in Titanic, with Palter playing Isidor.

The film showed the couple together as the Titanic sank, symbolizing their devotion to one another.