At a Republican Event, a QAnon Shaman Threatens to Identify a "False Prophet"

The QAnon Shaman, aka Jacob Chansley, has spoken out against Nick Fuentes' views about marrying a child,

which have reappeared in a video.

In an interview with Newsweek, Chansley doubled back on his criticism after receiving a

41-month prison sentence for his role in the Capitol siege.

White nationalist Fuentes has used his voice to promote bigotry towards Jews, black people, and women.

At a college Republican conference in Prescott, Arizona,

Chansley threatened to "expose" Fuentes for his comments on taking a young bride.

The video clip was originally posted by Right Wing Watch in May and

prompted the ire of the QAnon Shaman because it showed Fuentes expressing that

he planned to marry a 16-year-old when he turned 30.