Andor Season 2 Teases Potential Romance Between Syril and Dedra

Andor Season 2 may explore a potential romance between Syril and Dedra.

The pair's complicated relationship has hinted at romantic tension.

Syril saved Dedra in the Season 1 finale, possibly solidifying their romantic angle.

Andor stars Kyle Soller, Denise Gough, and Adria Arjona discuss the Syril-Dedra romance.

Soller believes anyone would be lucky to be with Dedra.

Arjona disagrees and expresses her fondness for Soller's character instead.

Soller suggests that Syril won't stop until he gets what he wants with Dedra.

Gough remains coy about the future of their relationship.

Some argue that Syril's admiration for Dedra is more of an obsession than love.