The Flash Movie Box Office Numbers Are Disaster After the Weekend

After a disappointing $55 million opening weekend,

The Flash movie had a dramatic decline at the domestic box office in its second weekend, generating an estimated $15.3 million.

A dip of 72.5% from the first weekend to the second is the largest second-weekend drop in DC history,

beating the record set by The Suicide Squad during the pandemic.

In terms of second-weekend declines for superhero films in the United States,

The Flash trails only Morbius (73%) and Steel (78%).

With a budget of $220 million (not including marketing and other major costs),

the picture has already made $87.6 million at the domestic box office and is expected to make $110–120 million.

The Flash's worldwide total has now surpassed $200 million, sitting at $210.1 million.

There should be some cause for concern regarding the film's commercial success

and general reaction given the dramatic reduction in box office performance.

These results demonstrate the difficulties The Flash has had in its second week of release in

maintaining audience attention and drawing in box office figures.

To gauge the film's total success at the box office, its current performance will be tracked.

The success of The Flash at the box office is indicative of how competition, market conditions,

and audience tastes have shaped the state of the cinema industry as a whole.