Alix Earle and NFL Player Braxton Berrios Spotted Together

At the Palm Tree Music Festival in Westhampton, New York,

TikToker Alix Earle was spotted with NFL star Braxton Berrios.

They were captured in a snapshot released to the Instagram account for the party showing them mingling with other guests.

Alix uploaded many TikTok videos from the vacation,

including one in which she embraced and kissed an unknown man on a bed.

Alix replied to a follower's comment by saying she and

the commenter was not dating officially but it was difficult for her to keep their relationship private.

Alix said that her friends Natalie and Lucy were on board with the plan.

Alix also released more TikTok videos in which a male could be seen standing in the background.

Alix said it was nice not to have anyone yell at her while she was producing films when she stayed with a guy for the weekend.

Another clip showed Alix drinking wine while flying in a private jet,

with the remark "When he says 'I'll book the flight.'"

More than a month before they went to the music festival together,

rumors began circulating that Alix and Braxton were secretly dating.

Fans of Alix and the mystery man have been left wondering and intrigued by their encounters.